Subject:Living with FABRY disease?
Date: 10/15/2019
Time: 01:51 PM
Body:Interested in joining an exciting new study?
We are seeking people of ALL AGES with a genetic diagnosis of Fabry disease to join a different kind of study that includes completing a very short survey and uploading one or more photos of yourself to help us learn about facial features in Fabry.
For this study, we are using a cutting-edge facial recognition software to analyze the many faces of those with Fabry to see if we can see any similarities or differences based on gene changes and other factors (for example: between men and women). We also want to see if treatment can affect people in a fashion that can be seen among facial features by looking at photos of those diagnosed with Fabry disease. You do need to know your variant in the GLA gene for this study.
You will be compensated for your participation. You will receive a gift card to Amazon for $5.
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This study is being performed at Emory University by Lacie Mehr, Dawn Laney, MS, CGC, and Morgan Simmons, MS, CGC.
If you have any questions, please contact Lacie Mehr at 385-209-5174 or email