Date: 04/04/2019
Time: 10:44 AM
Body:To strengthen the Fabry community how about the following idea. It is incredibly difficult to be original, to be unique and at the same time be global. With differing points of view it is impossible to satisfy all objectives for all involved, but once in a while we can get close.

#1FDSM could do this for all of us. It stands for Fabry Disease Social Media. When checked "#1FDSM" is a hashtag with 0 Google hits. The use of no words and only initials does not necessarily tie it to any specific language or geographic region (to the extent feasible). This hashtag can be used around the world and belong to the global Fabry community.

Through collaboration this can quickly become a reality during Fabry Awareness Month. Please consider following your social media post with #1FDSM.