Links to Additional U.S. Resources

This page contains links to websites of additional resources and groups which may be of interest or help to those affected by Fabry disease. These websites contain additional information and in some cases services for those affected by Fabry.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Medicare Podiatry Services Page 2 - Fabry may be covered.
CenterWatch CenterWatch was the first Internet site to publish detailed information about active clinical trials that could be accessed by patients and their advocates. Today, they have one of the largest clinical trial databases actively seeking patients on the Internet.
Clinical Trials 101 Government services and disability application. Social Security Disability eligibility information. Career Resources for Americans with Disabilities.
Doctor's Guide
Select Medline and enter Fabry as the search word.
eMedicine Journal
FDA Patient Network
GeneReviews Register to see full information.
Genetics Home Reference
Hide and Seek Foundation
Mount Sinai - International Center for Fabry Disease
National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Center for Biotechnology Information - Fabry Disease: Perspectives from 5 years of FOS
NIH - NINDS - Fabry Disease
NIH - NINDS - Lipid Storage Diseases Fact Sheet
NIH - NINDS - Know Stroke
NIH - GARD - Fabry Disease
National Kidney Foundation
Search on "Fabry"
(NORD) National Organization for Rare Disorders Social Security and Disability Resource Center