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From August 1998 to October 2001, the Thursday evening PAL chat meetings took place every week. In October 2001, the chat program used for the weekly meetings was changed from PAL to Yahoo Messenger. Everyone here is invited and you do not need to post on this page in order to join the meetings. Also, please feel free to attend whenever you can and stay for as long as you'd like. There are people (of various ages) who attend every week and others who attend periodically. Everyone is very friendly and will welcome you anytime for as long as you can stay. The meetings start at 9 p.m. (Eastern Standard). It's usually a small group of people who attend, but it's always a fun time to socialize, have some laughs, and talk about a variety of subjects (both serious and lighthearted). While those who attend are always glad to dicuss Fabry's related issues and answer questions, Fabry's has never been the focus of the meetings since this page serves that purpose well.

To download Yahoo Messenger, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to: . On your left, you'll see "Quick Download" and you'll click on whichever program you use. You'll follow the 3 easy steps to REGISTER, DOWNLOAD, and INSTALL.

2. Click on "start to download" and you'll be asked where on your computer you want to "save" the file (ymsgr.exe) so you can find it later for installation purposes. Your options will be "save" or "cancel" so make sure you click on "save." After you REGISTER and choose your ID, the program will then take about 7 minutes to DOWNLOAD.

3. You'll now need to find the file "ymsqr.exe" that you downloaded. Double click the file to begin the installation procedure. If you can't find the file, click the "Start" button, choose "find" and then "files or folders." In the dialog box, type "ymsqr" in the "named" text area. Then choose the "find now" button to search for the file. You'll be walked through a very easy INSTALLATION process.

The entire process above will take about 10 minutes.

4. After the program is installed to your computer and you have entered the chat program, you can add others' IDs (see below) to your "friend's list" by clicking on "Add."

5. Let us know that you've downloaded Yahoo Messenger so we can add your ID to our list. You can post here, or let me know ( Barb )

When you log onto Yahoo Messenger, your ID will be in bold so that others can see that you're online (as will be others' IDs who are online). Someone at the meeting (usually the first person there) will "create a private room" and others will be invited to join. (If you're the first person there and want to start the meeting, press "chat" and then "create new room.") You'll be asked to "accept" or "decline" that invitation. Once you accept, you'll be able to start typing messages in real time to the group, and/or talking through your microphone. If you don't have a microphone, you can still listen to others who are using one and respond to them by typing your message. You can join the meeting at any time as long as others are still there. Make sure your "status" (at the bottom of your screen) is "available" so you can be seen and invited into the meeting.

Below you'll find the IDs of others who have downloaded the program. It may be possible for you to attach (and merge) the ID list directly to your Yahoo list. If that's not possible, you'll need to type each one onto your list.

I hope you'll download the program and join the meetings. It's wonderful to be able to communicate in real time with others here through typed messages, by using a microphone, or through both methods. Please post on the discussion page or email me if you have any questions.

Take care,

Please let me know if you change your ID. Thanks!
Amy F., Amy_49137
Angie T., angie_the_blueeyed_babe
Barb W., barb_wehmann
Bryan K., bkinbville
Cathie, cathie_martin2003
Cesar S., casl9428
Chris H., huff_1
Chris L., stockcar3371
Craig, craig_c90802
Curtis P., ponyboycurtisj
Danielle C., danielle_cahill
Darice R., darice28
Darlene D., IYQnurse2U
David, Calif39
David L., davidleeman2001
Deb, deb3863
Dom G., dom_grieco
Donna B., dblrddonna
Donna L., djloyacano
Francesca, fabfriendly
Helen T., helentuk2002
Holly J., Sky420hl
Jackie J., jjamxxx68
Jane O., jane.osborne
Jeff F., Flube1342000
Jeannine S., jeanniner68
Jeri, jacamatx
Joe H., joe_mama5656
Joe, crankyboy42
Joseph B., josephbaum
Johan V., jvdvelden77
John J., coolhand61520
Judy K., Judy64020
Kathy B., katherine_77k
Kelle & Robert T., r_kteeter05
Kenny P., Kenny_primus
Kim, kimmichael0524
Linda, Lindalu1000
Marjorie S., loonynlovingit
"Me", Hannah6847
Melissa J., melissa_james1978
Michelle W., usfourws
Mike R., mikestars65
Misha, mishamoor4
Monique, Colesrus2002
Nancy M., nmc350
Nathan W., ntwiebe
Regina B., mrscrafty2002
Richard C., richardcorkum
Ron P., exzoomme
Ruth W., Ruth48430
Sandra E., eisenman77877
Scott P., scarfoni
Shaida B., queen_shaida
Shane B., slimshaney5
Shawn K., Shawn_Kilgore
Steve D., bewmaynes
Steve K., castudboi
Tami C., tamic666
"Texas" Tom H., dr_tomh
Tim & Sandy N., tsnelson56378
Toby D., tobytova
Tom O., tjolx
Tracey K., tkrasnow2002
Travis, t1245tmc
Wanda S., wswhiteowl