Discussion Page Guidelines, Purpose & Help


Purpose & Help
The purpose of this page is to allow open discussions between Fabry patients, family members, caregivers and any one who is interested in communicating with others about the various aspect of Fabry disease.

To start a discussion, make a statement, ask a question, etc. from the view click on New in the navigator pain. The same can be done while in a document by clicking the 'Start a New Discussion' button at the top of the form, then enter a brief description in the 'Subject:' field and the rest in the 'Body:' field. When finished click the 'Submit' button.

To respond to an existing discussion enter the document you wish to respond to and click the 'Respond to this Subject' button. As with starting a new discussion enter a brief description in the 'Subject:' field and the rest in the 'Body:' field. When finished click the 'Submit' button.

The 'Previous' and 'Next' displayed above can be seen at the top and bottom of the Discussion Page or an Archive. These views may contain more documents then is displayed on your screen. To view any additional documents press 'Next' to see the next page and 'Previous' to get back.

Discussion Page Indicators
A star indicates that document is new or less than 24 hours old.
The number two indicates that document is at least one day old or between 24 and 48 hours old.
The number three indicates that document is on its third day or between 48 and 72 hours since its creation.
The number four indicates that document is on its fourth day.
The number five indicates that document was created five day ago.
These indicators are meant to be used as reference aids making it easier to locate new entries which you may not have read yet. Documents six days old or older will not display age indicators.

Text Formatting (HTML)
You can make text BOLD and Italic in your Discussion Page document and Biographies if you are willing to use some simple HTML code. It would be nice if your browser would do this for you but most do not so here is how it is done. To make the word "happy" appear bold you must enter "[<b>happy</b>]". When you submit the document and view it from your browser it will appear in bold, happy. You can do the same thing to create italic by entering "[<i>happy</i>]".

If you want to make your name or e-mail address a hotlink you can do that too. This means someone could click on your name and automatically send you an e-mail. This one is more complicated but still very doable. If your name is "John Doe" and your e-mail address is "johndoe@aol.com" you would enter "[<a href="mailto:johndoe@aol.com">John Doe</a>]". Be sure to enter a double quote after the equal sign and after aol.com. If you do this "John Doe" will appear and look like "Barb" does in the line below.

Please feel free to contact
FSIG with any comments, questions, or problems concerning this discussion page.