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Welcome to the Permanent Archives page. This page has been established as a resource for all visitors. It provides a means for reviewing past discussions on specific topics. These specific topics have been included for the simple reason that they are important and have been occurring in one form or another repeatedly.

The FSIG website Discussion Page is a unique forum for individuals to seek support, express views, learn from others and sometimes vent emotions. The community that frequents this forum is made up primarily of those directly impacted by Fabry disease. As a result participants share a common bond and understanding of various aspects we all face in living with this rare condition.

Whether you are new to this forum or you have participated for many years it can be helpful to review information here. Certain subjects carry with them different emotions, expectations and concerns for different individuals. Reviewing these topics in this format provides a means to gain insight and awareness of these previously expressed views. You may periodically find others making reference to the subjects contained in these archives. You may wish to do the same. This is their purpose.

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These archives are intended to function as a valuable and dynamic resource. While the content is intended to be archival and fairly static in nature feel free to make suggestions and express your thoughts on items of importance to you. Your input will help to mold the optimal resource for all. This can be done via e-mail to or by submitting a message using the Message link in the navigator bar to the left.